New York Philharmonic Cast (1968)





Narrator/Dr. Pangloss/Martin
Old Lady
Baron Thunder Ten Tronch/First Inquisitor/Marquis Milton/Governor of Buenos Aires/King Charles Edward/Ferone
King of Hesse/Second Inquisitor/Sultan Milton/Emperor Ivan/Prince Ivan
First Hessian General/Arab Conjurer/Señor I/The Grand Sultan Achmet
Second Hessian General/Third Inquisitor/The Pilgrim Father/Señor II/King Herrmann/Bacio Bazzini, Chief of Police
Baroness Thunder Ten Tronch/Princess Casmira/The Pilgrim Mother/The Governor's Female Mistress/Lady Frilly

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • Westphalia Chorale (Farewell to drums) .... Chorus
    • The Best of All Possible Worlds: War and Peace .... Pangloss, The Baron Thunder Ten Tronch, The King of Hesse, The Two Hessian Generals, Westphalians
    • Oh, Happy We .... Candide and Cunegonde
    • The Best of All Possible Worlds: Marriage .... Pangloss, Cunegonde, Candide, Westphalians
    • Candide's Lament (Cunegonde, oh my love) .... Candide and The King of Hesse
    • It Must Be So .... Candide
    • The Lisbon Sequence .... The Arab Conjurer, Princess Casmira, Lisbonians
    • The Inquisition .... The Three Inquisitors, Pangloss, Candide, Lisbonians
    • It Must Be Me .... Candide
    • The Paris Waltz .... Orchestra
    • Glitter and Be Gay .... Cunegonde
    • The Paris Waltz (reprise) .... Orchestra
    • You Were Dead, You Know .... Candide and Cunegonde
    • The Pilgrims' Procession/Alleluia .... The Pilgrim Father, The Pilgrim Mother, Cunegonde, The Old Lady, Candide, The Pilgrims
    • My Love .... The Governor, Cunegonde, The Old Lady
    • I Am Easily Assimilated .... The Old Lady, Señores, Cunegonde, Buenos Airians
    • The Quartet Finale .... Candide, Cunegonde, The Governor, The Old Lady
    • Quiet .... The Old Lady, The Governor, Cunegonde
    • We Are Women .... The Old Lady, Cunegonde
    • Candide's Return from Eldorado .... Orchestra
    • The Ballad of Eldorado .... Candide, Buenos Airians
    • Bon Voyage .... The Governor, Buenos Airians
    • Ringaroundarosy .... Pangloss, Candide
    • Money, Money, Money .... Ferone and Venetians
    • The Venice Gavotte .... The Old Lady, Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss
    • No More Than This .... Candide
    • Return to Westphalia .... Orchestra
    • Make Our Garden Grow .... The Company

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