Anything Goes

Studio Cast (1989)





Reno Sweeney
Billy Crocker
Hope Harcourt
Moonface Martin
1st Girl
2nd Girl

Track List

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    • Overture
    • I Get a Kick Out of You
    • Bon Voyage
    • All Through the Night
    • There'll Always Be a Lady Fair
    • Where Are the Men?
    • You're the Top
    • You're the Top (reprise)
    • There'll Always Be a Lady Fair (reprise)
    • Anything Goes
    • Finale Act One
    • Entr'acte
    • Public Enemy Number One
    • What a Joy to Be Young
    • Blow, Gabriel, Blow
    • Be Like the Bluebird
    • Buddie, Beware
    • The Gypsy in Me
    • Finale Ultimo
    • There's No Cure Like Travel (bonus)
    • Kate the Great (bonus)
    • Waltz Down the Aisle (bonus)

Trivia & History

This is the only recording of the original version of the score, with the original orchestrations by Hans Spialek and Robert Russell Bennett.

Judy Green on the recording is actually Judy Kaye, performing under her married name.

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