Porgy and Bess

Soundtrack (1959)





Porgy (dubbing)
Bess (dubbing)
Sportin' Life
Clara (dubbing)
Serena (dubbing)

Track List

No track list for this recording yet.

Trivia & History

  • This album contains the only traced recording of 'Occupational Humoresque' which is titled 'Morning; Catfish Row' on the album. While only a small part, it does give the listener at least an idea of how it sounded on opening night in New York.
  • Due to recording contract conflicts Sammy Davis, Jr., who did sing for himself in the film, was unable to sing on the soundtrack album. Cab Calloway was hired to sing his part for the album only.
  • The Gershwin estate had the album withdrawn from release in the 1970s due to their feeling about the film. See film version notes for further information.

Cover Art

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