Doctor Jazz

Original Broadway Cast (1975)

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    • Doctor Jazz .... Steve Anderson, Musicians and Spasm Band
    • We've Got Connections .... Steve Anderson, Georgia Sheridan and Harriet Lee
    • Georgia Shows 'Em How .... Georgia Sheridan and Georgia's Girls
    • Cleopatra Had a Jazz Band .... Steve Anderson and Ballyhoo Band
    • Juba Dance .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Spasm Band
    • Charleston Rag .... Jonathan's Band and Harriet's Girls
    • I've Got Elgin Watch Movements in My Hips .... Edna Mae Sheridan
    • Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me .... Ballyhoo Band
    • Good-Time Flat Blues .... Georgia Sheridan
    • Evolution Papa .... Edna Mae Sheridan, Lead Dancer and Troupe
    • Rehearsal Tap .... Group
    • Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave to Me (Reprise) .... Steve Anderson
    • I Love It .... Edna Mae Sheridan
    • Anywhere the Wind Blows .... Steve Anderson
    • Those 'Sheik-of-Araby' Blues .... Singers and Dancers
    • Look Out for Lil .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Dancers
    • Swanee Strut .... Steve Anderson
    • All I Want Is My Black Baby Back .... Edna Mae Sheridan
    • Everybody Leaves You .... Steve Anderson
    • Free and Easy .... Edna Mae Sheridan and Company
    • I Love It (Reprise) .... Steve Anderson and Edna Mae Sheridan

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