On the Town

Original Cast Members (1960)

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    • I Feel Like I'm Not Out of Bed Yet
    • New York, New York
    • Miss Turnstiles
    • Come Up to My Place
    • Carried Away
    • Lonely Town
    • High School Girls
    • Do-Do-Re-Do
    • I Can Cook Too
    • Lucky to Be Me
    • Times Square Ballet
    • So Long, Baby
    • I'm Blue
    • Ya Got Me
    • I Understand
    • Imaginary Coney Island
    • Subway Ride
    • Dance of the Great Lover
    • Pas de Deux
    • Some Other Time
    • The Real Coney Island
    • Finale

Trivia & History

Original cast members were reassembled of May 31, 1960 for this recording as the complete score had never been preserved, only excerpts.

In "The Real Coney Island" portion of this recording there is an Arab-like vocal part about a pretty girl who picks up a handkerchief with her teeth. There is no vocal credit on the first issue but on the reissue it is credited as "Randel Striboneen" which is an anagram for Leonard Bernstein who sang this part for the recording as the person who did it in the show was not available for the recording session.

The CD release also contains a recording of the Overture, conducted by Lehman Engel and the three dance episodes conducted by Leonard Bernstein.

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