Oh What a Lovely War

London Cast (Original Cast Members and Replacements) (1963)

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    • Overture
    • We don't want to lose you
    • Belgium put the Kibosh on the Kaiser
    • Are we downhearted
    • Hold your hand out Naughty Boy
    • I'll make a man of you
    • Pack up your troubles
    • Hitchy Koo
    • Heilige nacht
    • Christmas day in the cookhouse
    • Good Byee
    • Oh It's a Lovely War
    • Gassed last night
    • There's a long long trail
    • Hush here comes a Whizzbang
    • They were only playing leapfrog
    • I wore a tunic
    • Joe Soap's Army
    • When this lousy war is over
    • Wash me in the water
    • I want to go home
    • The Bells of Hell
    • Keep the home fires burning
    • La chanson de Craonne
    • I don't want to be a soldier
    • They didn't believe me

Trivia & History

The recording does not feature all the original cast members from the opening at Theatre Royal, Stratford East. It may have been recorded late in the run at Theatre Royal or after the move to a commercial run at Wyndham's Theatre. Cast changes were made during the run at Theatre Royal, and everyone on the recording was in the production there before the move, though not all were in it on opening night.

Some of the titles listed on the LP were altered from the titles in the program for the production. We list the LP titles on this page.

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