The Pajama Game

Original Broadway Cast (1954)

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • The Pajama Game
    • Racing With the Clock .... Hines, Girls and Boys
    • A New Town Is a Blue Town .... Sid
    • I'm Not at All in Love .... Babe. Girls
    • I'll Never Be Jealous Again .... Hines. Mabel
    • Hey There .... Sid
    • Her Is .... Prez. Gladys
    • Sleep-Tite .... Babe. Boys and Girls
    • Once-a-Year Day! .... Sid, Babe, Company
    • Small Talk .... Sid. Babe
    • There Once Was a Man .... Sid. Babe
    • Steam Heat .... Gladys, 2nd Helper. Worker
    • Think of the Time I Save .... Hines, Girls
    • Hernando's Hideaway .... Gladys, Company
    • Seven-And-A-Half Cents .... Babe, Prez, Girls and Boys
    • The Pajama Game (Finale) .... Company
    • Mike Wallace talks with Jerry Ross (Bonus Track) .... Mike Wallace, Jerry Ross
    • Mike Wallace talks with Jerry Ross (Bonus Track) .... Mike Wallace, Jerry Ross
    • There Once Was a Man (Bonus Track) .... Side and Babe
    • Hernando's Hideaway (Bonus Track) .... Richard Adler (vocal); Jerry Ross (piano)

Trivia & History

Several bonus tracks, as indicated in the song list above, were added to the 2000 CD release. The source for all of them is the CBS radio production "Stage Struck," hosted by Mike Wallace. The tracks were recorded April 25, 1954, in Boston, MA. In addition, that CD release included "Sleep Tite," recorded for the cast recording but not previously issued.

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