Original Broadway Cast (1961)

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    • Overture
    • Penny Plain, Twopence Colored .... Christie
    • Man and Shadow .... Kean
    • Mayfair Affair .... Elena, Amy and Ensemble
    • Sweet Danger .... Elena and Kean
    • Queue at Drury Lane
    • King of London .... Christie, Barnaby, Ben, Francis and Ensemble
    • To Look Upon My Love .... Kean and Solomon
    • Let's Improvise .... Kean and Anna
    • Elena .... Kean, Francis and Ensemble
    • The Fog and Grog .... Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Kean and Ensemble
    • Civilized People .... Kean, Elena and Anna
    • Service for Service .... Kean and Elena
    • Willow, Willow, Willow .... Anna
    • Chime In! .... Christie, Barnaby, Ben, Francis and Ensemble
    • Swept Away .... Elena and Kean
    • Apology? .... Kean

Trivia & History

Our song list for this recording differs in some respects from that on the original LP release and in the booklets for the two CD releases. We think it more accurately reflects the contents of the recording and the performers on each number.

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