Original Broadway Cast (1958)

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    • Lazy Moon .... Company
    • Give the Little Lady .... Maggie Harris and Company
    • Save a Kiss .... George Randolph Brown and Maggie Harris
    • No One'll Ever Love You .... Max Grady and Maggie Harris
    • Who's Been Sitting in My Chair? .... Maggie Harris
    • Dance .... Maggie Harris and Donald Barton
    • There Never Was a Woman .... Max Grady
    • The Pussy Foot .... Lois Lee and Company
    • Pirate Orgy .... Company
    • Lady in Waiting .... Lois Lee and George Randolph Brown
    • Lady in Waiting (Ballet) .... Lois Lee and Dancers
    • The Beast in You .... Maggie Harris
    • Shall I Take My Heart and Go? .... George Randolph Brown
    • I Can't Be in Love .... Max Grady
    • Bad Companions .... Pete, Bessie, Andy and Assistant
    • The Town House Maxixe Dance .... Lois Lee and Dancers
    • I Never Know When .... Maggie Harris
    • Two Years in the Making .... Pete, Bessie and Singers
    • Heart of Stone (Pyramid Dance) .... Company

Trivia & History

This was the original cast recording to be issued simultaneously in stereo and mono. Earlier cast recordings to have been issued in stereo, such as the original Broadway cast recordings of Bells Are Ringing and West Side Story, had originally been issued only in mono.

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