Pal Joey

Studio Cast (1951)





Vera Simpson
Joey Evans
Gladys Bumps
Linda English
Ludlow Lowell
Melba Snyder

Track List

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • You Mustn't Kick It Around .... Joey
    • I Could Write a Book .... Joey, Linda
    • That Terrific Rainbow .... Gladys
    • What Is a Man? .... Vera
    • Happy Hunting Horn .... Joey
    • Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered .... Vera
    • Pal Joey (What Do I Care for a Dame?)
    • Joey Looks into the Future Ballet .... Joey / Orchestra
    • Zip .... Melba
    • Plant You Now, Dig You Later .... Ludlow, Gladys
    • Den of Iniquity .... Joey, Vera
    • Do It the Hard Way .... Ludlow
    • Take Him .... Vera, Linda
    • Finale .... Vera, Joey, Chorus

Trivia & History

Released in March 1951.

Also reissued on Time-Life P-1527 (M), set STL AM06, with BABES IN ARMS and THE BOYS FROM SYRACUSE. Set title: 'Rodgers & Hart'. The Columbia studio re-creation of this show was recorded in September of 1950 and its success was responsible for the 1952 revival. Capitol gained the rights to the cast album but, because Segal and Lang already had a recorded version on the market, Columbia would not lend them to Capitol for their version. For this reason we have the stars and a studio cast on one album and the rest of the original cast with two studio cast members doing the other.

Cover Art

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