Original Broadway Cast (1973)





Honoré Lachailles
Gaston Lachailles
Inez Alvarez (Mamita)
Aunt Alicia
Maitre Du Fresne
Maitre Duclos

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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • Thank Heaven for Little Girls .... Honore
    • It's a Bore .... Honore and Gaston
    • The Earth and Other Minor Things .... Gigi
    • Paris Is Paris Again .... Honore
    • She Is Not Thinking of Me .... Gaston
    • It's a Bore (reprise) .... Honore, Gaston, Manuel and Aunt Alicia
    • The Night They Invented Champagne .... Gigi, Gaston and Mamita
    • I Remember It Well .... Honore and Mamita
    • Gigi .... Gaston
    • The Contract .... Aunt Alicia, Mamita, Maitre Duclos and Maitre Du Fresne
    • I'm Glad I'm Not Young Anymore .... Honore
    • In This Wide, Wide World .... Gigi
    • Finale
    • Thank Heaven for Little Girls (reprise) .... Orchestra / Honore

Trivia & History

Perhaps to hold down costs, only seven cast members are heard on this recording. No ensemble singing is heard on the recording, which may be why "I Never Want to Go Home Again," featured in the overture, is not otherwise heard.

The LP issue was produced by Joe Reisman and engineered by Bob Simpson. The CD issue was produced by Bill Rosenfield and engineered by Jay Newland.

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