A Little Night Music

Original Broadway Cast (1973)




Mr. Lindquist
Mrs. Nordstrom
Mrs. Anderssen
Mr. Erlanson
Mrs. Segstrom
Fredrika Armfeldt
Madame Armfeldt
Henrik Egerman
Anne Egerman
Fredrik Egerman
Desiree Armfeldt
Bertrand, a page
Count Carl-Magnus Malcolm
Countess Charlotte Malcolm

Track List

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    • Overture .... Mr. Lindquist, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Anderssen, Mr. Erlanson, Mrs. Segstrom
    • Night Waltz .... Orchestra
    • Now .... Fredrik
    • Later .... Henrik
    • Soon .... Anne, Henrik, Fredrik
    • The Glamorous Life .... Fredrika, Desiree, Madame Armfeldt, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Segstrom, Mrs. Anderssen, Mr. Lindquist, Mr. Erlanson
    • Remember? .... Mr. Lindquist, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Segstrom, Mr. Erlanson, Mrs. Anderssen
    • You Must Meet My Wife .... Desiree, Fredrik
    • Liaisons .... Madame Armfeldt
    • In Praise of Women .... Carl-Magnus
    • Every Day a Little Death .... Charlotte, Anne
    • A Weekend in the Country .... Petra, Anne, Fredrik, Charlotte, Carl-Magnus, Henrik, Mr. Lindquist, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Anderssen, Mr. Erlanson, Mrs. Segstrom
    • The Sun Won't Set .... Mrs. Anderssen, Mrs. Segstrom, Mrs. Nordstrom, Mr. Lindquist, Mr. Erlanson
    • Night Waltz II .... Mrs. Nordsrom, Mr. Erlanson, Mr. Lindquist, Mrs. Segstrom, Mrs. Anderssen
    • It Would Have Been Wonderful .... Fredrik, Carl-Magnus
    • Perpetual Anticipation .... Mrs. Nordstrom, Mrs. Segstrom, Mrs. Anderssen
    • Send in the Clowns .... Desiree
    • The Miller's Son .... Petra
    • Finale .... Desiree and Fredrik
    • The Glamorous Life (film) (Bonus Track) .... Elaine Tomkinson (Paul Gemignani, conductor)

Trivia & History

Only a fairly short section of the Overture is heard on the recording. Within that brief section, some of the lyrics are changed, so that only "la" is sung by all the members of the quintet. In the show, one member of the quintet would sing the actual lyrics to the song while the others accompained that person by singing the accompaniment on "la."

The current CD issue includes "Night Waltz II," which was not on the original LP issue or on the first CD issue. There is also a bonus track of the rewritten version of "The Glamorous Life" from the film version, taken from the film soundtrack


Also reissued on Time-Life P-16386 (S), set STL-AM12, with COMPANY and A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. Set title: 'Stephen Sondheim'.

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