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    • Overture .... Orchestra
    • March (Parade) .... Orchestra
    • I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight .... Arthur
    • The Simple Joys of Maidenhood .... Guenevere
    • Camelot .... Arthur & Guenevere
    • Follow Me .... Nimue
    • C'est Moi .... Lancelot
    • The Lusty Month of May .... Guenevere & Ensemble
    • Then You May Take Me to the Fair .... Guenevere, Dinadan, Sagramore & Lionel
    • How to Handle a Woman .... Arthur
    • Before I Gaze at You Again .... Guenevere
    • If Ever I Would Leave You .... Lancelot
    • The Seven Deadly Virtues .... Mordred
    • I Loved You Once in Silence .... Guenevere
    • Fie on Goodness .... Mordred
    • Guenevere .... Ensemble
    • Camelot (reprise) .... Arthur

Trivia & History

For unknown reasons — possibly because of illness or vocal indisposition — Marjorie Smith, who played Nimue in the production, did not sing Nimue's song, "Follow Me," on the recording. Instead, the song was sung by Mary Sue Berry (the understudy).

  • For the current CD issue, the number listed on the original LP issue as "Parade" has been retitled "March (Parade)" and moved from where it had been placed on the original LP issue — between "If Ever I Would Leave You" and "Before I Gaze at You Again" — to its spot in show order (between the Overture and "I Wonder What the King Is Doing Tonight").
  • The LP issue also placed "If Ever I Would Leave You" before "Before I Gaze at You Again." For the current CD issue, the order has been reversed, reflecting the show order.

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