At Home Abroad

Reconstruction (Original Cast Members) (1981)

Track List

No track list for this recording yet.

Trivia & History

All of these selections are from recordings in the excerpts section for this show. Specifically: 78/Victor 25173 78/E/HMV B-4314 78/Liberty Music Shop L-188 78/Liberty Music Shop L-189 LP/Monmouth-Evergreen MRS-6604/5 78/Decca 2312, 2313 LP/RCA LPV-560 78/Liberty Music Shop L-251 78/E/Columbia FB-1269 Additional releases may be found in the excerpts section. The Monmouth-Evergreen selections were reissued on this set in mono to conform with the rest of the album. The two performed by composer Arthur Schwartz (78/E/Columbia FB-1269) are edited from a six-song medley which is complete on the excerpt.

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