Shenandoah, the Only Home I Know

World Premiere (1974)

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Choreography and Musical Staging

Cast Highlights

Charlie Anderson
Jacob Anderson
James Anderson
Nathan Anderson
Jenny Anderson
Robert Anderson
Anne Anderson
Reverend Byrd

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Main Program

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  • Raise the Flag of Dixie
  • I've Heard It All Before
  • Pass the Cross to Me
  • Why Am I Me
  • Next to Lovin' I Like Fightin'
  • If I Were You
  • The Pickers Are Comin'
  • We Make a Beautiful Pair
  • Meditation
  • Violets and Silverbells
  • It's a Boy
  • Freedom
  • Papa's Gonna Make It Alright
  • The Only Home I Know

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Trivia & History

The production originally announced that its limited run would close on September 14, 1974. An extension till September 29 was announced. Then a further extension till October 13 was announced.

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