Kiss Me, Kate

New York Revival (1994)

This production was cancelled. It never opened and plans have been shelved.

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Fred Graham / Petruchio
Lilli Vanessi / Katharine

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There were no individual song titles.

Trivia & History

The production was first to be produced at the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park and was then to move to Broadway. The book was to be revised by Christopher Durang. Mike Ockrent was to direct, and Susan Stroman was to choreograph. Although they had not yet signed, it seemed all but definite that Kevin Kline and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio would star. Everything seemed so certain that Robin Wagner had already designed the sets, and William Ivey Long had designed the costumes.

The production team was finally unable to come to terms with the rights holders for the original book by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack, who were not prepared to give credit to Durang for his work on the book. In May 1994, the production was canceled.

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