Rothschild & Sons

Staged Reading (2014)

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Cast Highlights

Gutele Rothschild
Kalman Rothschild
Mayer Rothschild
Salomon Rothschild
Prince Metternich / Prince William / Herries
Jacob Rothschild
Amshel Rothschild
Nathan Rothschild
Man at Gate, et al.

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Jew, Do Your Duty .... Urchins
  • One Room .... Gutele and Mayer
  • He Tossed a Coin .... Mayer
  • Pleasure and Privilege .... Budurus
  • Sons .... Mayer, Gutele, Amshel, Solomon, Nathan and Jacob
  • Everything .... Gutele, Nathan and the Brothers
  • Sons (Reprise) .... Gutele
  • Just a Map .... Gutele
  • This Amazing London Town .... Nathan and Male Ensemble
  • They Say .... Male Ensemble
  • He Never Listens .... Nathan and Mayer
  • Sons (Reprise) .... Gutele and Mayer
  • In My Own Lifetime .... Mayer
  • Everything (Reprise) .... Nathan and the Brothers
  • In My Own Lifetime (Reprise) .... The Brothers and Mayer
  • Rothschild and Sons (Finale) .... Mayer and Company

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Trivia & History

The reading was performed without intermission. The running time was approximately 95 minutes. There was no list of musical numbers in the program. The one on this page comes from an audience member who attended one of the performances.

In our cast list, we have adjusted the roles listed for Mark Pinter in the one-page program, which said only "Prince Metternich et al." 

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