Finding Neverland

Original Broadway Production (2015)

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Cast Highlights

J.M. Barrie
Mary Barrie
Charles Frohman
Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
Mrs. du Maurier
Peter Llewelyn Davies (alternates)
Peter Pan
Mr. Henshaw
Mr. Cromer

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • If the World Turned Upside Down .... J.M. Barrie
  • All of London Is Here Tonight .... Frohman, Mary, Barrie, Company
  • The Pirates of Kensington .... George, Jack, Michael
  • Believe .... Barrie, Peter, Sylvia, George, Jack, Michael and Company
  • The Dinner Party .... Mary, Mrs. du Maurier, Lord Cannan, Frohman, Barrie, Sylvia, Boys, Servants
  • We Own the Night .... Peter, Barrie, Sylvia, George, Jack, Michael, Servants
  • All That Matters .... Syvlia
  • The Pirates of Kensington (Reprise) .... George, Peter, Jack, Michael
  • Sylvia's Lullaby .... Sylvia
  • Neverland .... Barrie, Sylvia
  • Circus of Your Mind .... Frohman, Mary, Mrs. du Maurier, Company
  • Live by the Hook .... Captain James Hook and Pirates
  • Stronger .... Barrie, Hook, Pirates

Act Two

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  • The World Is Upside Down .... Barrie, Frohman, Boys, Acting Troupe
  • What You Mean to Me .... Barrie, Sylvia
  • Play .... Frohman, Sylvia, Barrie, Acting Troupe
  • We're All Made of Stars .... George, Peter, Jack, Michael
  • When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground .... Barrie, Peter
  • Something About This Night .... Frohman, Elliot, Acting Troupe, Barrie, Peter
  • Neverland (Reprise) .... Barrie, Sylvia, Mrs. du Maurier, Boys, Company
  • Finale .... Mrs. du Maurier, Barrie, Boys, Company

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