High Spirits

Paper Mill Playhouse Production (1965)

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Charles Condomine
Ruth Condomine
Mrs. Bradman
Dr. Bradman
Madame Arcati

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No songs listed for this production.

Trivia & History

This production was announced to run at Paper Mill through July 18 but it seems that it might have closed a week early. 

On July 19, Beatrice Lillie opened a week's run in High Spirits at the Mt. Tom Playhouse in Mountain Park, Holyoke, Massachusetts. We would guess that the principal cast members, the director and the choreographer were all the same, but we have found no information about that run except the dates and that Lillie starred. We have found no indications that the production — if the same basic production did play both Paper Maill and the Mt. Tom Playhouse — played elsewhere. An ad in the New York Times of Sunday, July 18, stated that the Mt. Tom Playhouse run would be the "Only New England Engagment."

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