Minnie's Boys

Philadelphia Production (1973)

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Cast Highlights

Minnie Marx
Julie Marx (Groucho)
Leonard Marx (Chico)
Adolph Marx (Harpo)
Herbie Marx (Zeppo)
Sam (Frenchie) Marx
Al Shean
Mrs. McNish

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Five Growing Boys .... Minnie and The Boys
  • Rich Is .... Al, Frenchie, Minnie and The Boys
  • Empty .... Frenchie
  • The Four Nightingales .... Julie, Adolph and Herbie
  • Underneath It All .... Maxie
  • Mama, A Rainbow .... Adolph
  • You Don't Have to Do It for Me .... Minnie and The Boys
  • You Wind Me Up .... Minnie and The Boys
  • Be Happy .... Minnie

Act Two

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  • Where Was I When They Passed Out the Luck .... Julie, Adolph, Leonard, Herbie
  • You Remind Me of You .... Julie, Mrs. McNish
  • Minnie's Boys .... Minnie, The Boys, Al, Frenchie, Mrs. McNish and the cast
  • They Give Me Love .... Minnie
  • Four Nightingales (Reprise) .... Adolph, Leonard, Herbie
  • The Act .... Minnie and The Boys

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Trivia & History

The production was originally announced as playing just a week — September 3-8, 1973 —  but the run was extended to two weeks.

Irwin Pearl was hired to play Leonard Marx (Chico), which he had created in the original Broadway production, but for unknown reasons he was replaced before opening by Peter Riegert. The playbills had already been printed with Pearl's name, so the replacement was noted with an insert.

In addition, Tony Aylward replaced Charles Murphy in the roles of Hockmeister, Sidebark and Robwell, with Murphy listed in the playbill, and Aylward listed in an insert. We do not know if the replacement occurred before the first performance or during the run.

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