The Last Ship

Original Broadway Production (2014)

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Cast Highlights

Young GIdeon
Jackie White
Peggy White
Father O'Brien
Gideon Fletcher
Meg Dawson
Arthur Millburn
Billy Thompson
Beatrice Dees
Joe Fletcher

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Island of Souls .... Jackie White, Young Gideon, Peggy White, Father O'Brien, Young Meg, Company
  • All This Time .... Gideon Fletcher, Company
  • August Winds .... Meg Dawson, Young Meg
  • Shipyard .... Jackie White, Billy Thompson, Peggy White, Father O'Brien, Tom Dawson, Company
  • If You Ever See Me Talking to a Sailor .... Meg Dawson, Women
  • Dead Men's Boots .... Gideon Fletcher, Joe Fletcher, Young Gideon
  • The Last Ship (Part One) .... Father O'Brien
  • Sail Away .... Peggy White
  • The Last Ship (Part Two) .... Jackie White, Father O'Brien, Company
  • What Say You, Meg? .... Arthur Millburn
  • We've Got Now't Else .... Tom Dawson, Jackie White, Shipyard Men
  • When We Dance .... Gideon Fletcher, Meg Dawson Arthur Millburn
  • The Last Ship (Reprise) .... Gideon Fletcher, Jackie White, Father O'Brien, Company

Act Two

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  • Mrs. Dees' Rant .... Mrs. Dees, Women
  • The Night the Pugilist Learned How to Dance .... Gideon Fletcher, Tom Dawson
  • We've Got Now't Else (Reprise) .... Jackie White, Gideon Fletcher, Company
  • So to Speak .... Father O'Brien, Gideon Fletcher
  • Hymn .... Company
  • Show Some Respect .... Meg Dawson, Peggy White, Jackie White, Gideon Fletcher, Company
  • Island of Souls (Reprise) .... Meg Dawson, Young Gideon, Young Meg, Gideon Fletcher
  • It's Not the Same Moon .... Gideon Fletcher, Meg Dawson
  • Underground River .... Jackie White, Company
  • Ghost Story .... Gideon Fletcher, Tom Dawson, Joe Fletcher
  • August Winds (Reprise) .... Gideon Fletcher, Tom Dawson
  • The Last Ship (Finale) .... Company

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