On the Twentieth Century

Roundabout Revival (2015)

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Cast Highlights

Oliver Webb
Owen O'Malley
Oscar Jaffee
Mildred Plotka / Lily Garland
Bruce Granit
Letitia Peabody Primrose
Conductor Flanagan
Train Secretary
Congressman Lockwood

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture
  • Stranded .... Owen, Oliver, Actors
  • Saddle Up the Horse
  • On the 20th Century .... Owen, Oliver, Porters, Passengers
  • I Rise Again .... Oscar, Owen, Oliver
  • Oscar Jaffee/Lily Garland Transition .... Porters, Oscar
  • Indian Maiden's Lament .... Imelda, Mildred Plotka
  • Veronique .... Oscar, Lily, Porters, Otto Von Bismark, Can-Can Girls
  • I Have Written a Play .... Conductor Flanagan
  • Together .... Porters, Ensemble, Oscar, Lily, Bruce
  • Never .... Lily, Oliver, Owen
  • Our Private World .... Oscar, Lily
  • Repent .... Letitia
  • Mine .... Oscar, Bruce
  • I've Got It All .... Lily, Oscar
  • End of Act I .... Porters, Ensemble

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte
  • Life Is Like a Train .... Porters
  • I Have Written a Play .... Congressman Lockwood
  • Five Zeros .... Owen, Oliver, Letitia, Oscar
  • I Have Written a Play .... Dr. Johnson, Owen, Oliver, Oscar
  • Sign Lily Sign .... Owen, Oliver, Oscar, Letitia, Lily, Bruce
  • She's a Nut .... Company
  • Max Jacobs .... Max, Lily
  • Babette .... Lily, Ensemble
  • Because of Her .... Oscar
  • Lily/Oscar .... Lily, Oscar, Oliver
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

The first preview had been scheduled for February 12, 2015, but it was postponed till the following day because one or two rehearsals had been canceled due to the blizzard that had been expected to hit New York City on Monday, January 26. In the end, snowfall was far less than expected, and the shutdown of mass transit that had been ordered was probably unncessary.

The production's opening night was postponed from the originally scheduled March 12 to March 15 because Peter Gallagher, playing the leading role of Oscar Jaffee, was ill for much of the preview period and missed a number of performances.

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