Hello, Dolly!

Farewell Tour (1996)

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Director/Choreographer (original)
Direction and Staging
Production Supervisor

Cast Highlights

Mrs. Dolly Gallagher Levi
Ambrose Kemper
Horace Vandergelder
Cornelius Hackl
Barnaby Tucker
Minnie Fay
Irene Molloy

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Overture .... Orchestra
  • I Put My Hand In .... Dolly and Company
  • It Takes a Woman .... Vandergelder and the Instant Glee Club
  • Put on Your Sunday Clothes .... Cornelius, Barnaby, Dolly, Ambrose, Ermengarde and the People of Yonkers
  • Ribbons Down My Back .... Mrs. Molloy
  • Motherhood .... Dolly, Vandergelder, Mrs. Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius, Barnaby
  • Dancing .... Dolly, Cornelius, Barnaby, Minnie Fay, Mrs. Molloy and Dancers
  • Before the Parade Passes By .... Dolly, Vandergelder and Company

Act Two

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  • Entr'acte .... Orchestra
  • Elegance .... Mrs. Molloy, Cornelius, Minnie Fay and Barnaby
  • The Waiters' Gallop .... Rudolph and Waiters
  • Hello, Dolly! .... Dolly, Rudolph, Waiters and Cooks
  • The Polka Contest .... Ambrose, Ermengarde, Mrs. Molloy, Cornelius, Minnie Fay, Barnaby and the Contestants
  • It Only Takes a Moment .... Cornelius, Mrs. Molloy, Prisoners and Policemen
  • So Long Dearie .... Dolly and Vandergelder
  • Hello, Dolly! (reprise) .... Dolly and Vandergelder
  • Finale .... Company

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Trivia & History

During the first weekend of November 1996, while the tour was in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Carol Channing missed four and a half performances due to food poisioning. These missed performances were said to have been the first time she had ever missed any performances as Dolly Gallagher Levi. Channing said in an interview that she had played 4,580 performances of Hello, Dolly! without ever having missed a performance. She was hoping to break Yul Brynner's record of 4,625 total performances in The King and I. (Brynner, however, missed a number of performances during his run in the original production.)

Understudy Monica M. Wemitt went on as Dolly while Channing was ill.

Channing did return after the weekend and the tour continued.

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