The New Moon

Paper Mill Playhouse Production (1983)

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Cast Highlights

Julie, Marianne's maid
Alexander, servant to Beaunoir, formerly Robert's
Viscount Ribaud, The Great French Detective
Robert Mission, bond-servant to Beaunoir, formerly a nobleman
Besac, Boatswain on the <i>New Moon</i>
Marianne Beaunoir, an Aristocrat
Clotilde Lombaste, Leader of the Brides bound for Martinique
M. Beaunoir, owner of the <i>New Moon</i> and Marianne's father
Captain Duval, Commander of the <i>New Moon</i>, in love with Marianne
Fouchette, Informer for Ribaud

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Opening .... Julie, Servants, Courtiers
  • Marianne .... Robert
  • Marianne .... Marianne, Jacques, Sailors
  • The Girl on the Prow .... Marianne, Besac, Sailors
  • Gorgeous Alexander .... Alexander, Julie, Servants
  • An Interrupted Love Song .... Captain Duval
  • Marianne (Reprise) .... Robert
  • Tavern Song .... Sailors and Wenches
  • Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise .... Philippe and Men
  • Stouthearted Men .... Robert, Philippe, and Men
  • One Kiss .... Marianne and Ladies
  • Wanting You .... Marianne and Robert
  • Finale .... Ensemble

Act Two

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  • A Chanty .... Besac and Sailors
  • Funny Little Sailor Men .... Clotilde, Besac, Sailors, Brides
  • Lover, Come Back to Me .... Marianne
  • Stouthearted Men (Reprise) .... Robert and Ensemble
  • Lover, Come Back to Me (Reprise) .... Robert, Philippe, Marianne
  • Love Is Quite a Simple Thing .... Julie and Clotilde
  • One Kiss (Reprise) .... Marianne and Robert
  • Finale .... Ensemble

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