Broadway Production (2014)

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Cast Highlights

Rocky Balboa
Apollo Creed
Spider Rico/Boxer/Boom Operator
Announcer/Wysocki/Bob Dunphy
Fight Promoter/Apollo's Manager
Sugar Jackson/Boxer/Cameraman

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Ain't Down Yet .... Company, Fight Promoter, Gazzo, Buddy
  • My Nose Ain't Broken .... Rocky Balboa
  • Philly Pie .... Gloria, Angie, Joanne
  • Raining .... Adrian
  • Patriotic .... Apollo Creed, Apollo's Manager, Miles Jergens, Apollo Girls, Ensemble
  • My Nose Ain't Broken (Reprise) .... Rocky
  • The Flip Side .... Rocky, Adrian
  • Adrian .... Rocky
  • Wanna Know Why .... Gazzo, Buddy, Rocky, Mickey
  • Fight from the Heart .... Rocky
  • One of Us .... Company

Act Two

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  • Traning Montage (1) .... Orchestra
  • In the Ring .... Mickey
  • Traning Montage (2) .... Company
  • Happiness .... Rocky, Adrian
  • I'm Done .... Adrian
  • Southside Celebrity .... Company, Rocky, Apollo
  • Adrian (Reprise) .... Adrian
  • Keep on Standing .... Rocky
  • Undefeated Man .... Apollo, Entourage
  • The Fight .... Company

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Trivia & History

The first preview was originally set for February 11.  However, the abnormally harsh winter had caused problems with Con Ed's underground electrical cables.  This forced Con Ed to reduce the voltage travelling through certain parts of Manhattan, one of which contained the Winter Garden Theatre.  Due to the reduction, they were not able to hold their tech rehearsals and begin performances on the 11th.  With no performances already scheduled on the 12th, the producers opted to push back the first preview by two days.

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