Blossom Time

Paper Mill Playhouse Production (1966)

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Cast Highlights

Mitzi Kranz
Baron Schober
Dancing Fiddler
Flower Girl
Von Schwind
Count Scharntoff

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Let Us Greet the Spring .... Flower Girl, Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Von Schwind, ladies and gentlemen
  • I Feel Your Glowing Eyes Upon Me .... Bellabruna and gentlemen
  • Three Little Maids .... Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi and ladies
  • Serenade .... Schober, Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Von Schwind and Schubert
  • Love in Springtime .... Schober, Von Schwind, Kuppelweiser, Vogl and Schubert
  • Song of Love .... Schubert and Mitzi
  • Health and Happiness .... Schober, Vogl, Kuppelweiser, Von Schwind, Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Schubert, Erkmann, Binder, Kranz and ensemble
  • Song of Love (Reprise) .... Schubert and Mitzi
  • Momente Musicale .... Schubert at piano
  • Riddle Song .... Schober, Mitzi, Fritzi, Kitzi, Binder, Erkmann and ensemble
  • Tell Me Daisy .... Mitzi and Schubert
  • Only One Love .... Schober and Mitzi
  • Finale .... Schober and Mitzi
  • Song of Love (Reprise) .... Schubert

Act Two

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  • In the Golden Autumn Time .... Strolling chorale, Flower Girl
  • Let Me Awake .... Bellabruna and Schober
  • Serenade (Reprise) .... Schubert
  • Pas de Deux .... Ballet - vison of Mitzi and young Schubert
  • Ave Maria .... Heavenly Choir and Schubert and Fritzi
  • Ave Maria (Reprise) .... Schubert's friends and the people of Vienna

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