The Student Prince

Summer Stock Tour (1969)

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Von Mark
Dr. Engel
Karl Franz
Grand Duchess
Princess Stephanie

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • It's What Goes On Behind the Scenes .... Von Mark, Tarnitz and 4 Lackeys
  • Golden Days .... Dr. Engel and Prince Karl Franz and Waitresses
  • The Inn of the Three Golden Apples .... Ruder, Gretchen and Hugo
  • To the Inn We're Marching .... Detleff, Asterberg, Lucas and Students
  • Drinking Song .... Detleff, Asterberg, Lucas and Students
  • Come Boys .... Kathie, Detleff, Asterberg, Lucas and Students
  • My Special Day .... Karl Franz
  • Gaudeamus Igitur .... The Students
  • Come Boys (Reprise) .... Kathie and Students
  • Golden Days (Reprise) .... Dr. Engel
  • Where There's a Will There's a Way .... Kathie, Gretchen, Asterberg, Lucas, Detleff, Students, Girl Singers and Dancers
  • Deep in My Heart .... Kathie & Karl Franz

Act Two

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  • Neckar River Song .... Students and Girls
  • Sing a Little Song .... Dr. Engel and Students
  • Serenade .... Dr. Engel, Karl FRanz, Asterberg, Lucas, Detleff and Students
  • Serenade (Reprise) .... Kathie
  • In Paris .... Kathie and Karl Franz
  • The Gavatte .... Principals and Ensemble
  • Ballet .... The Dancers
  • The Mother of the Queen .... Dutchess & Lutz
  • When We Waltz .... Stephanie, Tarnitz and Ensemble
  • The Vision .... Karl Franz, Dr. Engel, Lucas and voices of Dr. Engel, Kathie and Students
  • Sing a Little Song (Reprise) .... Asterberg, Lucas, Detleff, Ruder, Students and Waitresses
  • Drinking Song (Reprise) .... Asterberg, Lucas, Detleff, Karl Franz and Students
  • Deep in My Heart (Reprise) .... Karl Franz & Kathie

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