1968 Tony Awards

New York Production (1968)

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  • Twenty-Four Hours a Day (from 'The Golden Rainbow') .... Company
  • The Happy Time
  • A Certain Girl (from 'The Happy Time') .... Robert Goulet, David Wayne & Michael Rupert
  • The Impossible Dream (from 'Man of La Mancha') .... David Atkinson
  • Matchmaker, Matchmaker (from 'Fiddler on the Roof') .... Tanya Everett, Bette Midler & Mimi Turque
  • Cabaret (from 'Cabaret') .... Jill Haworth
  • Put on Your Sunday Clothes
  • So Long, Dearie (from 'Hello, Dolly!') .... Pearl Bailey & Company
  • Step to the Rear (from 'How Now, Dow Jones') .... Tony Roberts & Company
  • Smile, Smile (from 'Hallelujah, Baby!') .... Leslie Uggams, Lillian Hayman & Robert Hooks

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