Sweet Charity

Las Vegas Production (1966)

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Vittorio Vidal
Daddy Johann Sebastian Brubeck
Brother Ben
Dark Glasses
Married Couple

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  • The Rescue .... Passers-By
  • Big Spender .... Nickie, Helene & Fan-Dango Girls
  • Rich Man's Frug .... Career Girl, Ballplayer & Patrons
  • If My Friends Could See Me Now .... Charity
  • Too Many Tomorrows .... Vittorio Vidal
  • There's Gotta Be Something Better Than This .... Charity, Nickie & Helene
  • Rhythm of Life .... Daddy, Brother Harold, Brother Eddie & Worshippers
  • Baby Dream Your Dream .... Nickie & Helene
  • Where Am I Going .... Charity
  • I'm a Brass Band .... Charity & Brass Band
  • I Love to Cry at Weddings .... Herman, Mike, Nickie, Helene, Girls & Patrons

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Trivia & History

After the Las Vegas run, the production moved for a week to the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, playing there July 2-9. In Las Vegas, the show was performed in a tab version that ran approximately 90 minutes and was performed twice nightly, up to 14 performances a week during the early parts of the run. By the last week, it was down to six performances, but perhaps that was partly because they were also rehearsing for the L.A. run, for which the missing parts of the show were restored so that audiences there got the complete show.

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