Original Off-Off-Broadway Production (1973)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List


  • Prologue .... Ronald Willoughby, Colin Garrey

Act One

  • I Believe in a New World .... Chorus, Emily Adams, Al Carmines, Joan Montgomery (Soloist)
  • Heaven .... Reuben Schafer, Jimmy Sutton, J. Victor Lopez, Nancy Stover, John Harbaugh, Sid Smith, Alice Bosveld
  • Exhortation .... Peter Hamlin
  • I Seek Him Here, I Seek Her There .... Chorus
  • Exhortation (Reprise) .... Barbara Sandek
  • The Garden .... Robert Calver, Jimmy B. Hopson, Joan Montgomery, Reuben Schafer
  • The Jesus-Mary Game .... Paul Rounsaville, Sandy Padilla
  • The Pageant of Plantagenet County .... Ellen Maris, Grace Carney, Danny Kreitzberg, Semina De Laurentis, Clarence Taylor, Phyllis MacBryde, Connie Campbell, Marion Swan, Alice Gerrard, Jayson Atkins
  • The Name of God .... Mark Kirkland, Chorus

Act Two

  • Limbo .... Misty Barth, Albert Poland, Tom Kindle
  • Purgatory .... Margaret Wright
  • Hell .... Esteban Chabaud, Michael Mullins, Lynn Oliver, Tormented Souls

Act Three

  • When the Saints Come Home .... Chorus
  • Apostasy .... David Ruppe
  • Sermon .... Emily Adams
  • Time Passes So Quickly .... Chorus
  • Impulses Under Religion .... Terry Burk, Bill Maloney, Trisha, Long, William Rowett
  • Finale .... Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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