The Passing Show

Closed on the road (1945)

Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Passing Show .... Bob Russell and Show Girls
  • Bobby Socks Convention (Sketch)
  • Could You Use a New Friend? .... Ruth Davis and Bob Russell
  • Two Cups of Coffee (Sketch)
  • Then There's Romance .... Sue Ryan and Bobby Morris
  • A Song is Born .... Bob Russell and Betty Luster
  • You Are the Jury (Sketch)
  • Rhapsody in Diamonds .... Myrtill and Pacaud
  • You're My Kind of Ugly .... John Masters and Rowena Rollins
  • Doughnuts (Sketch)
  • Chinese Ballet .... Narrator, Bobby Morris and Show Girls, Dana Marsh, Gil Johnson, Roger Stark, Virginia Lee, Dancing Boys and Girls
  • Lonely Hearts (Sketch)
  • The Avenue of Americas .... Dan Harding and Ensemble
  • Pantomimic Illusion (Sketch)
  • Willie Howard Specialty
  • Along the South American Coast Line .... Dan Harding, Ruth Clayton and Ensemble

Act Two

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  • The Girl from Oklahoma Meets Boy from Carousel .... Sue Ryan, Bob Russell and Dancing Ensemble
  • His First Case (Sketch)
  • White Rhapsody .... Mimi Kellerman and Dancing Girls
  • Kid's First Fight (Sketch)
  • It Seems Like Yesterday (Sketch)
  • Back in the Kitchen Again .... Sue Ryan
  • Specialty .... Masters and Rollins
  • Living in a Brand New Day .... Bob Russell and Company
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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