Los Angeles Revival (2003)

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Act One

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  • Four Jews in a Room Bitching .... Whizzer, Marvin, Jason and Mendel
  • A Tight Knit Family .... Marvin and Mendel
  • Love is Blind .... Marvin, Jason, Whizzer, Mendel and TRina
  • Marvin at the Psychiatrist (A Three Part Mini-Opera) .... Jason, Mendel, Whizzer and Marvin
  • Everyone Tells Jason to See a Psychiatrist .... Jason, Marvin, Trina and Whizzer
  • This Had Better Come to a Stop .... Marvin, Whizzer, Jason, Trina and Mendel
  • I'm Breaking Down .... Trina
  • Jason's Therapy .... Mendel, Trina, Whizzer, Marvin and Jason
  • A Marriage Proposal .... Mendel, Trina and Jason
  • A Tight Knit Family (Reprise) .... Marvin and Mendel
  • Trina's Song .... Trina
  • March of the Falsettos .... Mendel, Marvin, Jason and Whizzer
  • Trina's Song (Reprise)
  • The Chess Game .... Marvin and Whizzer
  • Making a Home .... Mendel, Jason, Trina and Whizzer
  • The Games I Play .... Whizzer
  • Marvin Goes Crazy .... Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, Whizzer
  • I Never Wanted to Love You .... Marvin, Mendel, Jason, Trina, Whizzer
  • Father to Son .... Marvin and Jason

Act Two

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  • Welcome to Falsettoland .... Company
  • The Year of the Child .... Company
  • Miracle of Judiasm .... Company
  • Sitting Watching Jason (Playing Baseball) (Playing Baseball) .... Company
  • A Day in Falsettoland .... Company
  • Everyone Hates His Parents .... Mendel, Jason, Marvin and Trina
  • What More Can I Say .... Marvin and Whizzer
  • Something Bad is Happening .... Charlotte and Cordelia
  • Holding to the Ground .... Trina
  • Days Like This I Almost Believe in God .... Company
  • Cancelling the Bar Mitzvah .... Jason, Mendel and Trina
  • Unlikely Lovers .... Marvin, Whizzer, Charlotte and Cordelia
  • Another Miracle of Judiasm .... Jason

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