A Chorus Line

London Revival (2013)

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  • I Hope I Get It .... Company
  • I Can Do That .... Mike
  • And . . . .... Bobby, Richie, Val, and Judy
  • At the Ballet .... Sheila, Bebe and Maggie
  • Sing! .... Kristine and Al
  • Montage (Part I): Hello, Twelve; Hello, Thirteen; Hello, Love .... Mark, Connie and Company
  • Montage (Part II): Nothing .... Diana
  • Montage (Part III): Mother .... Maggie, Judy, and Company
  • Montage (Part IV): Gimme the Ball .... Greg, Richie and Company
  • Dance: Ten; Looks: Three .... Val
  • The Music and the Mirror .... Cassie
  • One .... Company
  • The Tap Combination .... Company
  • What I Did for Love .... Diana and Company
  • One (Finale) .... Company

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Trivia & History

While the show is scheduled for a limited season, demand for tickets was so high, they were available to be booked until January 2014.  However, flagging ticket sales, despite fantastic reviews, as well as the announcement that John Partridge and Scarlett Strallen were going to leave in September, forced the show to close early.  It did however extend past it's original booking date of June 29.

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