The Rocky Horror Show

Tribute Concert (2006)

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Frank N. Furter
Himself/Riff Raff
Riff Raff

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  • Science Fiction--Double Feature
  • Damnit Janet
  • Over at the Frankenstein Place
  • Time Warp
  • Sweet Transvestite
  • The Sword of Damocles
  • Hot Patootie (What Ever Happened to Saturday Night?)
  • Toucha Toucha Touch Me
  • Once in a While
  • Eddie's Teddy
  • Planet Schmanet Janet
  • Rose Tint My World
  • Don't Dream It
  • I'm a Wild and Untamed Thing
  • I'm Going Home
  • Super Heroes
  • Time Warp - reprise

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Trivia & History

The Rocky Horror Show was born at the Royal Court's tiny Theatre Upstairs on June 16, 1973, and went on to become an international stage smash hit and a major motion picture. Now, Rocky Horror Company and The Royal Court Theatre present this historic program, Richard O'Brien's Rocky Horror Tribute Show.

In 2006, Richard O'Brien, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, rewrote the narration for the show and a cast of performers was put together from previous stars of the show and other amazing performers, including Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Rayner Bourton, on stage for the first time in 33 years, back where it all began. They are joined by one of the best Franks ever, Anthony Head, as well as original Transylvanians from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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