Irish Rep Benefit Concert (2010)

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Cast Highlights

Tommy Albright
Fiona MacLaren
Harry Beaton
Meg Brockie
Charlie Dalrymple
Jeff Douglas
Mr. Lundie
Andrew MacLaren
Jane Ashton

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Once in the Highlands .... Chorus
  • Brigadoon .... Chorus
  • Down on MacConnachy Square .... Sandy, Meg, and Townfolk
  • Waitin' for My Dearie .... Fiona and Girls
  • I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean .... Charlie and Townsfolk
  • The Heather on the Hill .... Tommy and Fiona
  • Come to Me, Bend to Me .... Charlie
  • Come To Me, Bend To Me: Dance .... Jean and Dancers
  • Almost Like Being in Love .... Tommy and Fiona
  • Brigadoon (Reprise) .... Mr. Lundie and Chorus
  • The Chase .... Men of Brigadoon
  • There But for You Go I .... Tommy
  • My Mother's Weddin' Day .... Meg and Townsfolk
  • Come to Me, Bend to Me (Reprise) .... Fiona
  • The Heather on the Hill (Reprise) .... Fiona
  • I'll Go Home with Bonnie Jean (Reprise) .... Charlie and Townsfolk
  • Down on MacConnachy Square (Reprise) .... Townsfolk
  • Brigadoon (Finale Reprise) .... Chorus

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Trivia & History

The concert was performed without intermission and had a running time of approximately 85 minutes. Two major songs — "The Love of My Life" and "From This Day On" — were cut, and most of the dance music was not performed (although the "Come to Me, Bend to Me" dance was included).

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