A Matter of Opinion

Original Off-Broadway Production (1980)

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Mrs. Gentle/Bag Lady
Mr. Fate
Fantasy Child
Mrs. Finished
Fact Child
Ms. Easily
Mr. Merrily

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  • Opening
  • Not Every Day Can Be a Day of Shine
  • Almost Working
  • No Thank You from a Mocking Sun
  • If the Sun Didn't Shine Each Day
  • The Average Man
  • Free Time
  • Mrs. Finished Lament
  • Determination
  • Hobo's Song
  • Shopping Bag Lady
  • Gotta Pretend
  • ABC to XYZ
  • The Wanderer
  • The Sandman
  • Just the Facts
  • I Am Here
  • Humanity
  • Matter of Opinion
  • Hooray for the Judge

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