Let's Face It

Off-Broadway Revival (1977)

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Winnie Potter
Muriel McGillicuddy
Jean Blanchard
Polly Lee
Madge Hall
Helen Marcy
Mollie Wincor
Dorothy Crowthers
Rose Gunther
Cordelia Abigail Pidgeon

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  • Milk, Milk, Milk
  • A Lady Needs a Rest
  • Jerry, My Soldier Boy
  • Let's Face It
  • Farming
  • Everything I Love
  • Ace in the Hole
  • You Irritate Me So
  • Get Yourself a Boy
  • Hey, Good Lookin'
  • Rub Your Lamp
  • Cuttin' a Persian Rug
  • Revenge
  • I've Got Some Unfinished Business with You
  • Let's Not Talk About Love
  • I Hate You, Darling
  • A Little Rhumba Numba
  • Shootin' the Works for Uncle Sam

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