Pittsburgh CLO Production (2004)

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Act One

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  • I'm Looking for Something .... The Stepp Sisters
  • Goin' Downtown .... Little Albert and the Tru-Tones
  • Takin' the Long Way Home .... Tiny Joe Dixon
  • Move (You're Steppin' on My Heart) .... The Dreamettes
  • Fake Your Way to the Top .... Jimmy Early, The Jimmy Early Band and The Dreamettes
  • Cadillac Car .... Curtis, Jimmy, C.C., Marty and Company
  • Cadillac Car (On the Road) .... Company
  • Cadillac Car (Recording Studio) .... Company
  • Cadillac Car (Limbo) .... Dave and The Sweethearts
  • Steppin' to the Bad Side .... Curtis, C. C., Jimmy, Wayne, The Dreamettes and Company
  • Party, Party .... Company
  • I Want You Baby .... Jimmy and The Dreamettes
  • Family .... C.C., Curtis, Jimmy, Deena and Lorrell
  • Dreamgirls .... The Dreams
  • Press Conference .... Company
  • Only the Beginning .... Curtis, Deena and Effie
  • Heavy .... The Dreams
  • Heavy (San Fansisco) .... The Dreams and Curtis
  • It's All Over .... Curtis, Effie, Deena, Lorrell, C.C., Michelle and Jimmy
  • And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going .... Effie
  • Love Love You Baby .... The Dreams

Act Two

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  • Act Two Opening .... Deena Jones and The Dreams
  • Press Conference .... Deena Jones and Company
  • I Am Changing .... Effie
  • One More Picture Please .... Company
  • When I First Saw You .... Curtis and Deena
  • Got to Be Good Times .... Five Tuxedos
  • Ain't No Party .... Lorrell and Jimmy
  • I Meant You No Harm .... Jimmy
  • Quintette .... Denna, Lorrell, C.C., Michelle and Jimmy
  • The Rap .... Jimmy
  • The Firing of Jimmy .... Jimmy, C.C., Marty, Curtis, Frank and Lorrell
  • I Miss You Old Friend .... Effie, Marty, C.C. and Les Style
  • One Night Only .... Effie
  • One Night Only .... Deena Jones and The Dreams and Company
  • I'm Somebody .... Denna Jones and The Dreams
  • Faith in Myself .... Effie
  • Hard to Say Goodbye, My Love .... Deena Jones and The Dreams
  • Dreamgirls .... Effie, Deena, Lorrell and Michelle

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