Knickerbocker Holiday

California Tour (1971)

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Cast Highlights

Mynheer Tienhoven
Van Rensselaer
Marshal Schermerhorn
Mistress Schermerhorn
Brom Broeck
Tina Tienhoven
Governor Pieter Stuyvesant
Washington Irving
Corlear, the Town Crier

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Musical Numbers

Main Program

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  • Washington Irving Song .... Irving
  • Hush-Hush .... Roosevelt and The Council
  • It Never Was You .... Tina and Brom
  • The Anthem .... Stuyvesant and The Citizens
  • Young People Think About Love .... Tina and The Citizens
  • Will You Remember Me? .... Tina
  • September Song .... Stuyvesant
  • How Can You Tell an American? .... Stuyvesant and Brom
  • There's Nowhere to Go But Up! .... Brom, Marshal and Mistress Schermerhorn
  • Sitting in Jail .... Stuyvesant and His Surrogates
  • We Are Cut in Twain .... Tina, Brom, Tienhoven, Marshal and Mistress Schermerhorn and The Council Guards
  • To War! .... Stuyvesant, His Surrogates and the Men of Nieuw Amsterdam
  • Our Ancient Liberties .... The Council, Marshal, Schermerhorn and Corlear
  • The Pavane .... The Betrothal Party
  • The Scars .... Stuyvesant and The Citizens
  • The Attack .... Stuyvesant, Brom, Chief Shaman, and the Algonquins
  • Dirge .... Corlear and The Ladies of Nieuw Amsterdam
  • We Wouldn't Going to Do It .... The Council and the Citizens

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Trivia & History

This production was done in 3 acts, however the song list does not indicated where act breaks fell.

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