Shuffle Along

Original Broadway Production (1952)

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Cast Highlights

Corporal Betty Lee
Lieutenant Jim Crocker
Colonel Alexander Popham
Sergeant Lucy Duke
Captain Henry Gaillard
Private Cyphus Brown
Private Longitude Lane
Sergeant Rocky Mason

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • Jive Drill .... Bugler, Sgt. Mason & Ensemble
  • Bitten by Love .... Betty, Jim & Ensemble
  • Falling .... Lucy & Henry
  • I'm Just Wild About Harry .... Lucy, Henry & Ensemble
  • City Called Heaven Jubalee .... Chaplain & Ensemble
  • Bongo-Boola .... Mable, Bugler, Drummer & Ensemble
  • Swanee Moon .... Betty & Singers (danced by Eddie Rector)
  • Love Will Find a Way .... Lucy, Jim, Louie, Rosa & Singers
  • Rhythm of America .... Lucy & Entire Company

Act Two

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  • It's the Gown That Makes the Gal That Makes the Guy .... Ensemble
  • You Can't Overdo a Good Thing .... Lucy & Models
  • My Day .... Jim & GIs
  • Give It Love .... Betty & WACs
  • Farewell With Love .... Lucy
  • Here 'Tis .... Mable
  • Reminiscing .... Noble Sissle & Eubie Blake
  • Finale .... Entire Company

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Trivia & History

Many problems befell the production, which took two years from planning to opening. There were money problems (bad enough that the show almost folded out of town). A fire burned some of the scenery. Casting problems caused delays. Noble Sissle (one of the stars) was injured in rehearsal and was out until opening night. The problems mirrored the original 1921 production of Shuffle Along.

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