She Had to Say Yes

Closed prior to Broadway (1940)

Trivia & History

Opened and closed in Philadelphia. It was to have moved on to Pittsburgh on January 13th, and then Chicago on January 20th. In Chicago, the title was to have changed to Meet the Elite.

The production cost $120,000.

The sets by Stewart Chaney were praised by critics more than the performance itself. The production itself was quite lavish. The set boasted a ferris wheel and a spiral slide like they had at Coney Island.

After the closing, they were put in storage in anticipation of the show re-opening. That never happened by the sets were reused in the Vernon Duke/John LaTouche musical The Lady Comes Across the following year. The Lady Comes Across, coincidentally, flopped, closing after 3 nights.

The show closed for revisions. A month after closing a new script and partially new score was submitted. It was announced in the New York Times that Dennis King had left the show as star (but remaining as producer). Charles Walters also left as co-star. Georgie Hale and Lee Shubert were announced as joining the producing team.

In March 1941, King and all of the other producers pulled out of the show leaving George Hale the sole producer.

Dennis King left the show to act in a stock production in Florida. In March, he was courted by the Theatre Guild to star in their production of the play Love in Our Time.

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