Shlemiel the First

Closed prior to Broadway (1995)

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Cast Highlights

Gittel/Sender Shlemazel/Yenta Pesha
Tryna Rytza
Gronam Ox
Dopey Petzel/Chaim Rascal
Mottel/Moishe Pipik
Zeinvel Shmeckel/Zalman Tippish
Mendel Shmendrick/Man in House

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Trivia & History

The production had been scheduled to open at the Alvin on April 26, 1995, after the run at the Rich Center of the Stamford Center for the Performing Arts. Alexander Cohen, executive producer of the Rich Center, was the producer of the Broadway run. The production had earlier played at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, Mass., and the American Music Theatre Festival in Philadelphia.

After the originally scheduled Broadway run was canceled, it was announced that the production would open on Broadway in the fall, but that never happened. An article in the New York Times covered all of this in more detail.

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