Original Broadway Production (2012)

This production was cancelled. It never opened and plans have been shelved.

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Maxim de Winter
Mrs. Danvers
Jack Favell
Frank Crawley

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In January 2012, the producers announced that they were unable to come up with the required funding to bring the show to Broadway. Originally, the production was set to open on April 22, 2012 starring Sierra Boggess and Tam Mutu as its s, was postponed until the 2012-2013 season.

In a statement, the producers said, "It is with great disappointment that we have made the decision to postpone the Broadway debut of this phenomenal musical until next season. Rebecca is a grand and spectacular musical requiring substantial capitalization, and it's no secret that in this very negative economic climate, raising money for Broadway has become even more difficult and laborious than it has historically always been. We are very close to meeting our financial goal, but we just ran short of time to complete capitalization with rehearsals slated to begin in two weeks. We feel that Rebecca is too special of a musical to short change in any way. It is our responsibility to the creators of this show, to our cast, our partners, our investors and our vendors that the complete financing is in place before rehearsals begin. Rebecca on Broadway must have the proper chance to continue the successful track record it currently enjoys worldwide. My co-producers and I remain very committed to bringing this wonderful show to New York next season."

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