Knickerbocker Holiday

Television Production (1950)

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Pieter Stuyvesant
Tina Tienhoven
Brom Broeck
Washington Irving

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  • Washington Irving Song .... Washington Irving
  • There's Nowhere to Go But Up .... Brom, Chorus
  • It Never Was You .... Brom, TIna
  • How Can You Tell an American? .... Brom
  • Young People Think About Love .... Tina, Chorus
  • Dutch Dance .... Company
  • Young People Think About Love (Reprise) .... Tina, Chorus
  • We Are Cut in Twain .... Brom, TIna
  • Romance and Musketeer .... Chorus
  • September Song .... Stuyvesant
  • Finale: How Can You Tell an American? .... Company

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Trivia & History

Presented on the series Pulitzer Prize Playhouse, this was John Raitt's television debut.

It was reported to have been shot on film rather than shown live. It was first shown on November 17, 1950, but not in all markets.In some markets, it was shown later.

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