Sacramento Music Circus Production (1990)

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Act One

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  • The Story of Chess .... Gregor
  • Apukad Eros Kezen .... Gregor and Ensemble
  • What a Scene! What a Joy! .... Freddie
  • Smile, You Got Your First Exclusive Story .... Florence and Reporters
  • Where I Want to Be .... Anatoly
  • How Many Women? .... Florence and Freddie
  • Arbiter's Song .... Arbiter and Assistants
  • Model of Decorum and Tranquility, A .... Molokov, Arbiter, Anatoly and Florence
  • You Want to Lose Your Only Friend? .... Florence and Freddie
  • Someone Else's Story .... Florence
  • Terrace Duet .... Florence and Anatoly
  • Who'd Ever Think It? .... Freddie
  • One Night in Bangkok .... Freddie and Ensemble
  • So You Got What You Want .... Freddie and Florence
  • Nobody's on Nobody's Side .... Florence
  • Anthem .... Anatoly

Act Two

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  • Heaven Help My Heart .... Florence
  • Winning .... Walter and Freddie
  • You and I .... Anatoly and Florence
  • You and I .... Svetlana and Anatoly
  • Let's Work Together .... Molokov and Walter
  • I Know Him So Well .... Florence and Svetlana
  • Pity the Child .... Freddie
  • Endgame .... Arbiter, Anatoly, Freddie and Company
  • You and I (Reprise) .... Anatoly and Florence

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