Off-Broadway Revival (2012)

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Cast Highlights

Margaret White
Carrie White
Miss Gardner
Mr. Stephens

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Musical Numbers

Act One

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  • In .... Students
  • Carrie .... Carrie
  • Open Your Heart .... Rev. Bliss, Margaret, Carrie and Choir
  • And Eve Was Weak .... Margaret and Carrie
  • The World According to Chris .... Chris, Billy, Sue, Tommy and Students
  • Evening Prayers .... Carrie and Margaret
  • Dreamer in Disguise .... Tommy
  • Once You See .... Sue
  • Unsuspecting Hearts .... Miss Gardner and Carrie
  • Do Me a Favor .... Sue, Chris, Tommy, Billy and Students
  • I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance .... Carrie and Margaret

Act Two

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  • A Night We'll Never Forget .... Carrie, Chris, Billy, Sue and Students
  • You Shine .... Tommy and Sue
  • Why Not Me? .... Carrie
  • Stay Here Instead .... Carrie and Margaret
  • When There's No One .... Margaret
  • The Prom .... Company
  • Carrie (Reprise) .... Margaret and Carrie
  • Epilogue .... Sue and Company

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Trivia & History

A preview was given at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on August 1, 2011. Marin Mazzie (Margaret White) and Molly Ranson (Carrie White) were on hand to perform songs from the score. Lawrence D. Cohen (book), Michael Gore (music) and Dean Pitchford (lyrics) to discuss their latest work on the musical. Director Stafford Arima was also there to discuss his vision.

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