Broadway Revival (2011)

Trivia & History

Originally planned for 2007, but was postponed when the financial backing fell through.

Producer Ken Davenport invited Congress to the first performance. On his blog, he wrote "Godspell is the story of a group of people who, at the beginning of the show, can't communicate... ... And then, through the course of the show and thanks to the leadership of one individual, they learn how to talk to one another and how to get along... And by learning what is really important, they learn how to live each day by day together in harmony. ...I can't think of a better time in history when this country and its 'parties' could use a little reminder of that."

Veteran producer Edgar Lansbury was one of the producers of this revival. He was a producer of the original production.

Lead producer Ken Davenport used a unique business model to raise money. Investors were able to serve as Broadway producers for this revival with a comparatively low minimum investment that amounts to a fraction of what standard Broadway investment requirements dictate.

Producer Ken Davenport used several promotions to boost ticket sales including "Pay Your Age", the "Cast of 2032" and a Fan Appreciation Day.

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