Pipe Dream

Encores! Concert (2012)

Musical Numbers

Original Musical Numbers List

Act One

  • Overture .... The Orchestra
  • All Kinds of People .... Doc
  • The Tide Pool .... Mac, Hazel, and Doc
  • Everybody's Got a Home But Me .... Suzy
  • All Kinds of People (Reprise) .... Jim
  • A Lopsided Bus .... Mac, Ray, George, Hazel, and the Flophouse Gang
  • Bums' Opera .... Joe and the Flophouse Gang
  • Fauna's Song .... Fauna
  • A Lopsided Bus (Reprise) .... The Flophouse Gang
  • The Man I Used to Be .... Doc (Danced by Dream Doc)
  • Sweet Thursday .... Fauna
  • Suzy Is a Good Thing .... Fauna and Suzy
  • Sweet Thursday (Reprise) .... The People of Cannery Row
  • All at Once You Love Her .... Doc, Suzy, and Esteban

Act Two

  • Entr'acte .... The Orchestra
  • The Happiest House on the Block .... Fauna and the Bear Flag Girls
  • The Party That We're Gonna Have Tomorrow Night .... Mac and the People of Cannery Row
  • We Are a Gang of Witches .... Fauna and the Bear Flag Girls
  • Will You Marry Me? .... Suzy, Fauna, and Doc
  • Thinkin' .... Hazel
  • All at Once You Love Her (Reprise) .... Fauna
  • How Long? .... Fauna, Hazel, Doc, Mac, the Flophouse Gang, and the Bear Flag Girls
  • The Next Time It Happens .... Suzy and Doc
  • Sweet Thursday (Finale) .... Entire Company

Additional Musical Numbers Lists

No songs listed for this production yet.

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