Die Fledermaus

New York City Center Production (1954)

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Rosalinda (alternate)
Gabriel von Eisenstein (alternate)
Alfredo (alternate)
Prince Orlofsky
Dr. Falke
Sally (Adele's sister)

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  • Turtle Dove
  • This is from My Sister Sally
  • I'm Sorry for Your Aunt
  • When These Lawyers Don't Deliver
  • Come Along to the Ball
  • To Part is Such Sweet Sorrow
  • Drink My Darling, Drink to Me
  • Good Sir, Are You Accusing Me?
  • No, No, You Set My Doubts at Rest
  • What a Joy to Be Here
  • The Golden Moments Swiftly Pass
  • From Time to Time I Entertain
  • My Friends, Your Kind Attention
  • How Engaging How Exciting
  • Voice of My Homeland
  • Champagne's Delicious Bubbles
  • Champagne, the Great Monarch
  • You and I
  • Come On, My Darling, Dance with Me
  • Ah, Happy Day
  • Entrance of Frank
  • Waltz
  • Ever Since I Was a Baby
  • To Judge His Expression
  • Vengeance, Come Resign
  • Oh, Eisenstein, You Mastermind

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