Television Production (1981)

Production Info

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Musical Numbers


  • Goodnight Angeline
  • Charleston Rag

Act One

  • Shuffle Along
  • In Honeysuckle Time
  • I'm Just Wild About Harry
  • Baltimore Buzz
  • Daddy, Won't You Please Come Home
  • There's a Million Little Cupids in the Sky
  • Great Big Baby
  • My Handy Man Ain't Handy No More
  • Low Down Blues
  • Gee, I Wish I Had Someone to Rock Me in the Cradle
  • I'm Just Simply Full of Jazz

Act Two

  • High Steppin' Days
  • Dixie Moon
  • Weary
  • Roll Jordan
  • Memories of You
  • If You've Never Been Vamped by a Brownskin
  • You Got to Git the Gittin While the Gittin's Good
  • Baltimo' Joe
  • I'm Craving for That Kind of Love
  • Hot Feet
  • Goodnight Angeline (reprise)
  • Finale

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Trivia & History

Aired as part of Broadway on Showtime.

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